TO DO, 2015:

  • invest time and energy wisely. (frivolous people, places, and pastimes don't ever return.)
  • when you invest poorly, learn your lesson. (move on gracefully.)
  • when someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time. (- maya angelou.)
  • think critically, but not hypercritically.
  • insist on living out your dreams. (dedicate yourself.)
  • simplify your life. (if it doesn't matter, get rid of it.)
  • clarify your language. (if it doesn't matter, don't say it.)
  • demand happiness now via painting, gardening, traveling, riding, writing, singing, playing, dancing, dining, diving, gardening, laughing, loving. (note that thinking doesn't belong here.)
  • take more photos. 
  • create more art. 
  • smell more roses. 
  • be thankful. for everything.
  • be willing to change at any time in the name of happiness.
  • don't be afraid. (remember... it's all working out perfectly.)

i'm so excited to welcome 2015. i think it's going to be the very best one yet.

and in honor of 2014, here's a toast to my old family, my new family, my blood family, the memories we made and the lessons we learned together along the way.

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nepal 2014

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