today when i got home i found this hatched inside of a jar that i tucked away a month ago with nothing in it but a hornworm that we found on our tomato plants. wow.


epic drive day 1: today i picked up my dad's dream car in portland. he lives in arizona. this is going to be an epic drive.


the life you end up living is the sum total of who you involve yourself with, what you repeatedly do, how long it takes you to either accept things as they are or let them go, where you decide to spend your time, and how you choose to perceive all of the above.

the biggest part of that equation is by far the choice.


the day dia won bull poker.




stop the glorification of youth.


this is the start of the first drive home in my third decade of life; which, by all accounts, overshadows the last decade like an owl does a field mouse. the thirties are so much better so far.

living a nomadic lifestyle through my twenties has cultivated a deep well of places i now consider home. every photo on this blog is a snapshot from the start, the middle, or end of my drive home, each time i drive home; home not being a specific place, but a collection of places that invoke the immutable permeating feeling of ease, comfort, warmth, and belonging.