i think this may be the very first time i've ever seen the sun set behind the ocean and not the fog here. it is so very dry out.


local rumor has it, one of these eucalyptus trees holds the world record for the very biggest, much to clint eastwood's dismay.




i took this picture after emerging from a pea soup fog that lasted all the way through oregon. little did i know that the fog was so thick i had actually passed my exit to california. by nearly an hour. i went another fifteen minutes or so until i realized that none of this scenery was familiar to my usual route. at least it was a pretty detour.


there was a time in my twenties when i felt stuck.
sedated even.
i had a restless voice whispering "run."
run anywhere.
"I-5 south!" was my most immediate answer. it turned into a rally cry of sorts. i didn't know where i was going yet. it was just away from there. away from that feeling. i did this drive for years until it stuck. until i stayed south for more of the year than i stayed anywhere else. i don't feel the need to run anymore. but the rally cry remains, and so does this long drive.