this morning i took a walk to see my old friend mystic. he and i both turned 30 this year (our birthdays are 3 days apart), and this is the first year that he has been considered too old to ride. after saying hello, i walked myself from the barn down to the trails that we used to travel together. he was my best friend and the vehicle of my youth. he carried me to friend's houses, to the lake and ocean to swim, and even to old fairhaven to have hot cocoa or cream sodas, depending on the season. it occurred to me on my way home today that he may be the cardinal cause of my affinity for dirt and gravel roads. thanks old buddy. i will always love you.



if you look hard enough, down in the river valley by the big deciduous trees, you can see a ranch house complex. it's very small because it's more than five thousand feet below where i was standing when i took this. that's not even close to the bottom.


"good thing we paid for a room with a view."

(first thoughts on arriving at the grand canyon in the white out.)


proof of yesteryear.


i never would have guessed that my first snow of the season would hit in arizona. go figure.


i feel most at home in areas where all the signs are shot to smithereens. hmmmm...




no matter where you're goin',
it's a whole lot cooler in the
'69 el camino 454.


ever have one of those days where you feel like you're from a different planet than most of humanity? yeah. one of those. leaving my little bubble tends to do that.